Welcome To The Mind Of Kojáck

Photo Credit: Cisco Kidd
Photo Credit: Cisco Kidd

The path to a normal day is anything but the normal around here. First off I am a strange character in and of itself; the phrase Kojáck. Normally my days are spent coming up with new specialty cocktails or crafting some other art-piece that may never be on display… or even better I’ll be spending the whole of my time on a project that I will never fully get paid for. These, by the way, are my favorite instances in the whole, wide, world; EVER.

I digress, who I am is mostly irrelevant; caught somewhere between a figure that people hate, or someone they cannot forget. I am an impression, more than a person anyway…  I am a digital blip on the informative archive of randomness, because that is the realm I enjoy most; bacon. This however is fine, this was planned from the Big Inning.

My name is Kojáck Vásqueẍz, I am a derivative of Esperanto or in other words I am a genderless ball of love making and sex. I have no prescribed sexuality, I have no prescribed gender, nor do I have the ambition to achieve any such statuses. What I do strive for is Absinthe, painting, observations, and pure randomness.

I grow less and less fond of crowds, and I grow more fond of something I lost a very long time ago… I love to write functionally, philosophically, and am quite fluent in gibberish.

Most of my work is acquired privately though I do make every chance to make my work available publicly.

From here on out you will get to learn, from the things I have learned. See the things I get to see… Scratch that you will probably just read this shit and laugh, either way this has got to be better for you then television.



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