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The Third God of Alcohol; The Bartender

Credit: Vratislav Darmek
Credit: Vratislav Darmek

There are things in life that chose us, not the other way around. For me that wound up being one of the three Gods of alcohol, affectionately known forever as The Bartender. Not some trained monkey pushing out casino grade vodka cranberries, nor a circus performer throwing bottles around pleasing the non drinking crowd.  Nay, my craft is making the perfect drink, not just today and not just for you. Every drink is crafted to perfection, if you must wait a lifetime apart from one to the next you could bet with certainty that it will be the exact same taste as you last remember. I am not here to sell you low cut shirts, I am here to guide your imbibing experience, as we stationary dance this game until the early hours of the morning’s light.

This becomes the drive to learn craft recipes from the knowledge of classic and the newer drinking trends. This is our life while we exist behind one bar or another, time melts between the happenstance between one bar and another, we are the people’s bartender. You do not remember you favorite drink’s name, nor we do not judge. You cannot remember what goes into that one drink you had that one time, no problem tell us what your flavor is and we can craft it.

A bartender does these things not for the money, rather they do them because they need to be done. Society has a lifelong tie hold to he intoxicating elixir, as my kind are the maestros coordinating this delicate dance between delightful intoxication, and crippling inebriation. As we shoot a four inch by four inch square in you direction keep in mind that we know what already want, but all we ask of you is to focus your mind to the tune of “What’ll it be?”

~Kojack Vasquexz

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