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The End Diablo 3 Season Two…

Screenshot: Kojáck Vásqueẍz
Screenshot: Kojáck Vásqueẍz

So after a long and arduous weekend of grinding out a new season character, it is with bloody fingers and a heavy heart we say farewell to Diablo 3 season 2. Nah,  am just fuckin’ with you, this was season 2’s inauguration weekend, of which I am only somewhat glad to have taken part in. Don’t get me wrong, I love Diablo 3, I love the grind the gameplay, I hate the goblins, but that is only one small part… fuck you vault holder your ass is MINE! What I really don’t like is the elitism, today is only the second day of the season and already players are getting excluded from groups because even though we all ground to end game in record time their paragon levels are too low… I’m sorry but what the fucking shit happened to ever just enjoying to play the game?  Has the joy of meeting new people and helping them out or getting a helping hand yourself really so passé now? I get the whole wanting to grind out a character to endgame, quickly  there are a lot of advantages and builds that require it to work effectively. But I am done with people that are only in it to be so far ahead of everyone else they get to stand on an isolated pedestal.

If this is your playing style, then you sir/madam are a dick and will get booted from all my Diablo runs!

I am all about that positivity in video game playing, probably because I grew up alone and without people to play with.  I grew up in a era that was on the cusp of the internet so we had Nintendo but no internet, Sega and Playstation, even the Dreamcast baby!  Without siblings, however, gameplay is limited in its fun to what you make of it.  by the time computer gaming really started to shine they mostly found home to offline RPGs. This explosion of Real-Time-Strategy games in the 90’s change my whole outlook on gaming. LAN parties became all the rage and finally multiplayer gaming had come home.  This single handedly changed my outlook on the joy of video game, as most player loved this new dynamic.

Then Diablo came out (1996) and fucked what you thought you knew about dungeon crawls without use of the lube.  noCD.com would popularize this game in pseudo LAN style and grinding levels became all the rage. Also this game is the reason why anti-cheating measures were put into place … also why did they remove the ability to PK in later games?

in 2000 Diablo 2 came back to bent you over the barrel again, only this time with the newly minted Battle Net for WAN MMO play and the goddamn hell cows owned you, don’t lie if you played diablo 2 and never fought a hell cow, you never really played.

Twelve years would pass and the video game world would fight over consoles, World of Warcraft vs Evercrack, and of course the one that has really rocked the world of gaming… mobile.   But then it happened Blizzard Ent. released Diablo 3 and since then has even released and expansion pack (Reaper of Souls), which positive or negative side gives a lot of story, or skip all that and jump right into adventure play.

I like this version of Diablo because it relies heavy on Multiplayer mode to really progress into the paragon levels (levels beyond the lvl cap). But here is the other side of that hellcoin. All you shitty fucking players who are always just in it for themselves, or the bloggers that claim, “well we are doing it so we can make the content more dynamic”, to which I rely at the expense of your fellow gamers and target audience.  No lie asking one of the famed bloggers and build makers will result in them bitching about you shitty build the whole time and not letting you in because you are under level 500+ paragon.

These kind of asshole were really why I wanted to grind out to 70 fast as fuck this season, last season I got hosed until the end, so by the time I could play you had to be this high in the paragon chain, which I never could have been. To this I say fuck you all, if you are a low level or new player and want free advice or some game play, maybe some power leveling  and I am free, I have got your back, no bullshit required.

Also I do want to share Diablo builds with you all as I discover them or tweak them from other builds. So join with me as I, yes, will get back to art making, and demon killing. Also some of these spots we may take guest bloggers to share their tips and secrets to help you kick the shit out of elite assholes who do their damnedest to ruin MMO gameplay. So until next time…


~Kojáck Vásqueẍz

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