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Six Months Gone

Photo Credit: CBS Fan
Photo Credit: CBS Fan

I apologize for the massive delay between the last post and now there were a few things leading up to this predicament. First off, I have been on the move again, but on the flip side of this note, it looks like I will be returning home to Las Vegas in 2016! Okay now that the good news has been leveled you all know what time it is…

This site was not really but kinda hacked. Ok it was not really hacked, but a few users exploited the database and had a bit of fun, putting back R&D on the site about three months.  This was detected right away and the database was isolated, but at the expense of “user” table, The NikoVash Empire security team thought it would be better served to delete the user table to prevent that part of the database from being exploited. No credit card or payment information was ever gathered.

Cisco worked for about 6 months trying to resurrect this site, but to little avail, so we are starting from scratch yet again! only we at least got to keep existing posts. That said, I am changing the focus of this site from a multi purpose to mostly a portfolio site. All goods and services can now be purchased from, well at least once Cisco gets out from behind the 8-ball and finishes the new 2.0 site.

Some more good news though, I have been working very close with Cisco & Decepticon in crafting medical marijuana edibles for a possible new product the NikoVash Empire might be selling by quarter 3 of 2016 you can read more about it in the coming months!

Outside of that I have been overly occupied, and it feels good to get back online, and I hope I can share tales of my travels with you all again! Until next time…


~Kojack Vasquexz

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