Return of The Mack

Credit: Ken Kirkel
Credit: Ken Kirkel

Aright so welcome back all I have return-ithed! To all those of you who have been puffing tough and holding out with us thank you from the bottom of my heart and cockles because its a fun word to say. I know I have not really updated the whole of March and I am sorry for that. Between health, contracts & NikoVash Empire stuff the last few months have just flown the fuck by, but now I have made my return and all can be right with the world again.

Let us start off with the bad… My health rapidly deteriorated last month so a lot of my travel needs and work contracts were put on hold, some kind of lung infection, its gone now but trust me people it was bad. Lung butter for all! I digress it really did a number on my ability to breath and basically made me just fuck off for basically an entire month. That said I still hold active contracts, and while yes, most of my clients completely understood about why their work was not getting done, that does not excuse me from ever having to complete the work.  So for the last few weeks I have returned to a large fucking pile of shit on my desk that I have been rushing to complete. I am almost caught up and that is why I have returned here, it can no longer come between us!


  • Regular updates will return! Now there is nothing to stop me from plastering this verbal assault all over your inner mind, and you love it.
  • There is a new big NikoVash Empire project! Cisco is finally back in the drivers seat working on his new book “Fuck
  • DeceptiCON and I are  going to be working on our own eBook soon, we are in talks about possible subjects.  What many of you may not know, is that I teach people my sweet skill sets of random ass shit already, so an eBook is really kind of a natural really.
  • It is a new month so look for the homepage getting updates! I have gotten a lot of positive love over putting up the Bruce Lee interview, and it may return again someday but starting April 1st, it is time for the Dookay! Say it with your index finger under your nose, DOOKAY!
  • I have taken to content writing as well for other blogs and whatnot so we are now entering a time of productivity all around!
  • If you haven’t checked out the store, we now have a free piece of software out now in Alpha (α) calledShow & Tell, it is free for all, you just have to have an account with this site!

As you can tell there is a lot of positive natured stuff happening around here, and I plan on just increasing that all the way around: New content, New pictures, New software, New videos, maybe even a podcast in the future… you just ever know! So as always hang in there as we delve into the mind of a whip wielding madman and see where all this pans out to! Until next time…


~Kojack Vasquexz

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