Remember Remember the 5th of February

Photo Credit: Les Haines
Photo Credit: Les Haines

As some of you may know I stay active in the NikoVash Empire.  Last year the owner of said empire suffered brutal medical surgeries and even went through a cancer diagnosis and is currently finishing up chemotherapy.  As many of you may or may not have been aware this was my only full-time paying gig and with the owner locked down in what can only be described as a medical prison sentence I have been pursuing part time work to fill in the gaps that did not involve writing for this blog as the state of this (which is technically property of the NikoVash Empire), was up in the air.

Though Cisco Kidd seems to be out of the woods we shall know the full story February fifth with the relaunch of Ray=Out Bookazine, the digital culture/counterculture publication we were working on before his chemotherapy sessions started. With that said, I will be the last leg of the arts division of the NikoVash Empire as the whole focus of the organization is shifting, announcements on that will also be coming out February fifth as well. So in short the design part of the company will be handed off to me under the Kojáck brand of which I really need a better name for because I am not really all that narcissistic, I am just sexy and I know it. All that aside This is really a short announcement of announcements that are coming next month (BOOM phrasing), that you as readers should be excited for! Mostly because this place will start looking a whole lot better, and NikoVash.com will look O’ so the corporate motif.

All my future publications will be released under the NikoVash brand and as such will be doing the graphic design for their projects. It is kind of nice to be back, now I just need to get back state side and sharpen a few pencils and prep a few brushes. Also I know we have been promising a store to go up in which art sells.  To this I say, hey look at these INSANELY CUTE PUPPIES!!!!

UPDATE – We are still behind schedule…

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