Where Have All The Old Posts Gone?

Photo Credit: Niels Heidenreich
Photo Credit: Niels Heidenreich

Welcome back Kotter, and all the rest of you that have been diligently following my exploits, via post entries, over the last year!  Well most of those exploits (posts / entries) are gone now, lost due to the ravages of time… I kid, but if you are genuinely interested into what happened sit back grab some popcorn and pay attention.

Last year was an all around adventure packed ride.  It started off wit ha long time friend contacting me about starting a blog to showcase my talents in exchange for my graphic design services to rebuild his company (Empire).  I gladly jumped on that wagon as what he offered was advertising in marketing, two things I am phenomenally bad at myself.  Unfortunately, shortly after we made this agreement, he began what is still an ongoing shit-storm of medical problems that almost lead to the end of this project and his life. All that came to a head on September 1st as the verdict came in and yes he did have cancer, yes he did need chemotherapy, and no the doctors did not know the chances of survival at the time. On January 24th, 2015 new news came in that he was officially in remission and was slated for a full recovery!

The downside was during his chemotherapy treatment, many services he was managing (this site & all post {s} included) lapsed due to failure of payment, not to be unexpected when your day consists of vomiting and sitting plugged into an infusion machine for weeks on end. The initial database was mostly lost except for one partial set of entries that he is attempting to recover and restore. Also this lead to a small falling out with the then hosting company (GoDaddy) and the eventual discovery of our new home (iPage.com).  The transition in general has made everyone involved in the NikoVash Empire breath a sigh of relief as it has gone over fairly painless and smooth… Aside from slight losses of data, mostly posts related to blogs and some old sales data.

After all this however, we have simply decided to start fresh and new, I have a lot of new ideas and a lot of new implementations of those ideas which we will see over the coming months! I know it is now just an uphill battle rebuilding the audience post by painstaking post… but it will be worth it.  So please tune in, grab a pint, and enjoy the new digs!



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