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Cannabis The Gateway Vote

Photo Credit: Mike Behnken
Photo Credit: Mike Behnken

Portland, OR; 17th, Oct. 2014 – Right about now, the votes have been tallied and it will be official, in Oregon you more likely than not will be able to smokea da reefer (cannabis), in the comfort of your own home.  Who the fuck even calls it reefer, at this point in time it is either DAB or Get The Fuck Out, but I digress; Let us jump in and sneak a peak at what in the entire fuck, is going on round mere right meow.


Currently, cultivation, possession, delivery, sale of marijuana are unlawful, excepting regulated production, possession, use of medical marijuana. Measure allows production, processing, delivery, possession, sale of marijuana to adults, licensed, regulated by Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). Marijuana producer, processor, wholesaler may deliver “marijuana items” (defined) only to/on licensed retail premises. OLCC collects tax imposed on marijuana producer at different rates for marijuana flowers, leaves, immature plant. “Homegrown marijuana” (defined) not regulated, taxed. Tax revenues, fees fund OLCC suspense account, Oregon Marijuana Account distributed: 40% to Common School Fund; 20% for mental health/alcohol/drug services; 15% for state police; 20% for local law enforcement; 5% to Oregon Health Authority. “Marijuana paraphernalia” (defined) excluded from “drug paraphernalia” laws. Other provisions.

In short this is the end to prohibition for cannabis in Oregon.  Why does this matter you ask? Besides the fact of “Brah weed’s legal?!”, to start off with, Oregon will be the first state to share a border with another state that has also legalized the recreational use of cannabis (Washington State via Initiative 502). Meaning short of an FBI patrol at the OR/WA border, say goodbye to getting popped for crossing state lines with less than an once of kind in your pocket.

Secondly and most importantly its a good start to wrapping up the fruitless war on drugs… War on drugs my ass, we had a war on drugs and all we got was newer and more fucked up drugs. We have all seen the meme about how we need a war on jobs… this writing gig does not always pay the bills.

Doesn’t matter the point in all this is simple, is the stickiest of icky (cannabis) bringing people out to  vote?

Fuck & yes, it does. On December 5th, 2012 in a press release issued by the office of the Secretary of State [of WA State] it was noted that Secretary of State Sam Reed said “the hot ballot propositions helped drove voter turnout to possibly the best in the country this year, 81.25% of registered voters.” Which as it turns out was true, later that nigh the voters sighed a cloud of relief over the city that has still yet to rise a secret source was quoted as saying in front of a King County 5.0 station… smoking a blunt… wearing a ‘Fuck The Police’ t-shirt.

Similarly Colorado in the same year saw a 68.55% voter turnout to ensure the right to get fucking blasted was passed.

Nationally the turnout for voting in the federal election for 2012 only saw 53.6%. Now I am not saying that weed was the only reason these states probably saw this kind of voter turnout … obviously though, it couldn’t fucking hurt. Actually scratch that I am saying it was all about “Dat Fiya” (cannabis).

My position has always been that politics for the everyday thing are boring and predictable. Each year we as a people watch billions of dollars go into campaigning for dumb shit we collectively could not give a shit less about. The other end of that coin is billions spent saying, don’t vote for her she’s a bitch and one time said she’d pay for an abortion for a satanist, or don’t vote for that bastard he once thought about donkey punching a clown.

At the end of the day we are left feeling like we should all in fact just say, fuck it, spark up a blunt and ignore all of that weak shit.

Here is the interesting bit that I have seen however, getting consecutive years where you have hot button issues that matter you do start to see more and more otherwise would-be-ignorant-ass-fucktards taking notice of the need to vote. Inferring with enough incentive, you could bring back democracy. I mean really you can’t expect 50% of a given population to influence the lives and laws of 100% of the people. Maybe we do need a bit more cannabis on our ballots more often, I mean hell maybe next we can work on heroin and methamphetamine decriminalization, so we can work on effective drug treatment programs for, you know, real fucking drugs.

I mean after all D.A.R.E. went on about was that cannabis is a gateway drug, a gateway to what was never all that clear.

~Kojáck Vásqueẍz

Twitter: @Kojack_xXx

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