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BitCoin Accepted Here…

Credit: Jason Benjamin
Credit: Jason Benjamin

Bitcoin, the magic new “get rich quick” scheme people seem to think it is has arrived to the NikoVash Empire! Ok so it’s not magic, you wont make a fortune overnight (unless you were an early adopter), and no, Bitcoin is not some internet magic scheme based in Nigeria. It is money people… just a digital kind. It can be exchanged into other currencies, it has the volatility of a stock, and more and more people the wold over are taking it. So why am I?

Credit: Sean MacEntee
Credit: Sean MacEntee

Simple, it is like cash for the internet.  Fairly untraceable and can be sent and verified from anywhere in the world and fully verified in minutes. I like the company that owns this website have a fair amount of customers that like to buy anonymously… No this isn’t some nefarious plot in a spy super thriller, there are some people who for their own reasons do not like to air their business about exotic purchases. Bitcoin allows for these kinds of transactions the same way a person with a stack of cash would, only without the actual cash, or the need to carry such around.

I build myself up in many ways but I really have enjoyed the Bitcoin community and architecture.  I can carry around just my phone and BAM, access to money, without printouts and nosy ass people trying to see how fat or slim my wallet is.  Since I got involved in it some three to four years ago I have seen the value against the USD swing more wildly than a green boxer with a dick to prove complex. Within the community however a lot of strength is growing, and that makes the upper crust nervous, which in turn makes me happy.  That aside its easy to make an anonymous donation of Bitcoin, far more so than the only current alternative I have to offer, Paypal.  So really this is to sate the needs of my followers and customers… basically you.

I am by no means rich and I am planning to release a lot of content over the next 4 years for free, so these donation drives are designed to keep that happening. Weather that be a new computer, camera, set of paint brushes or equipment for prototypes, it is ultimately you the reader who is keeping the digital roof over my head. So to thank you I am as accommodating as I can be to the needs of every last one of you, be it from anonymous donations to outright purchases. This is all for you, and there in lies the strength of the Bitcoin, it is the currency of the people, the digital people, of which is the largest base of you my followers, friends & money spending patrons.

Of course I will never turn away cash, its kind of hard to send that in the mail without raising a lot of red flags and questions I and, trust me, you do not want to have to one day answer.

So kick back throw some coin my way, it doesn’t have to be anonymous, I am a sucker for work, and if there is anything on this site you see for sale, know that you can buy it with Bitcoin!




~Kojack Vasquexz

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