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Almost Live; So It Is Time For Time Off!

Screenshot: Kojáck
Screenshot: Kojáck

A month worth of hard work dedication and time have been spent in getting the new site up and operational. A lot of it has been nerve wracking, and nail biting and I am glad to see this leg of the operation close. Next I will be spending about the same amount of time getting the NikoVash Empire site up and operational, fun times (Fuck you Cisco Kidd). I digress, todays time will be used in not doing shit all day and then grinding the fuck out of Diablo 3 at 6pm PST!  For all those that do not know I am a huge fan of the Diablo series and tonight Season 2 launches with all new gear and shit relevant to all new erreythang, if you cannot tell I am ecstatically excited and am just sitting here, Stella Cidre in hand counting away the hours, until those shit licking fucking elite pricks will feel the burn of not being on the top from day one…. fuck you assholes and all the time wasted not helping lower players raise up…

I digress, for any interested player looking to join up and get down on some season play tonight, hit me up I will likely be live tweeting the event because I am trying to grind out to level 70 in one sitting, in no time flat!

So in short for the next 12 hours I will be “occupied” and not working on shit, catch me online, or live tweeting and bitching at the event.  Also I am a member of the official reddit diablo3 group which is hilarious in its own right so go and join their channel to catch me talking mad amounts of shit because I can and it is funny. Often at others expense, normally geared towards pissing off elite assholes and people that turn fun gaming way to fucking serious… we all know your mad about getting t-bagged in the days of halo bra, sit down, shut the fuck up, and enjoy the fucking game.

Your bullshit, ain’t nobody got time for that!


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