The Quanta Observation – eBook

A brief look into the beginnings of a mind of madness as the narrator finds the line between his waking world and that of his dreams blur to shape his reality.

What does one ask of the dream world, is it just our nature to sleep an endless cycle trapped in the strange state of observation or is there something more to the world of dreams. Where do observations of the 'real' world end and the 'dream' world begin?

Is observation interactive?

Is Hong Kong Phooey, the greatest super hero of all times, or just the number one super guy?

Is the devil in the details or just an image in a storybook of old?

Travel the web of dreams in this novella to see what of dreams and the world we perceive as real!

Pre-orders begin on March 29th, 2018, sales begin April 5th 2018 on Amazon & iBooks

  • Project Name:The Quanta Observation
  • Product:eBook
  • Publisher:NikoVash Empire, LLC
  • Imprint:NEOne Records
  • Author:Kojáck Vásquexz
  • Editor:Decepticon
  • Kojack Vasquexz

    The Quanta Observation

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