Mesenchyme Matrix – eBook

A brief look into moments of the current new, and the universal old.

This is the first bookazine in the Ray≠Out series, a blend of modern issues ideas and motifs, blended with often course language, unique images, sound clips and video files. this is a composition and labor of love and hate. Love the universe you are in, hate the idea that sales are the driving force.

Through this publication series we seek content created for people by people, these are the lasting remarks people have left in time for us to take in and dwell on for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day.

In this episode we look at Reefer Madness, both the kind that swept the United States in the 1930’s and the current one that is sweeping states that are striving to end their prohibitions on the use of marijuana for recreational use.  Along with the ideal of civil disobedience and what it could mean in both a literary and visual sense of the word. Finally we see how photographers have viewed three cities around the world, and wrap it up with this months movie selections!


  • Project Name:Mesenchyme Matrix
  • Publisher:NikoVash Empire, LLC
  • Product:Bookazine
  • Contributor 01:Cisco Kidd
  • Contributor 02:Kojáck Vásqueẍz
  • Editor:Decepticon
  • Writings & Ramblings
    Photo Credit: Wiros
    Titled: Lazy Sunday 02

  • Page 06

    Photo Credit: Evil Erin
    Titled: She’s Grrrreat

  • Page 37

    Photo Credit: editrrix
    Titled: Occupy Wall Street-Day 28

  • Page 79

    Animation: Woody Woodpecker

  • Photo Credit: Peggy Reimchen
    Titled: A tipsy sunset moment

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