Bruce Lee – The Lost Interview


Currently fighting DMCA dicks & over the use of this public domain video

The footage you are about to watch was gotten from a supposed Public domain source. should this not be the case the copyright claim holder or representative bering evidence to such is encouraged to contact me and I will remove it. This is not meant for public sale just proof of concept of video restoration. We strive to stay out of copyright issues but still have to put up this disclaimer.

Recently we've been getting into restoring old footage for customers, friends, enemies, whomever... and we have been getting some good proof of concept work finally. WITHOUT the use of expensive plugins. I am not apposed to the use of plugins, it would probably save me a lot of time in the future, but as most of these are low paying gigs I really cannot justify the expense currently. Also I am a fan of using the tools at hand, FCP 7, After Effects CS4, SoundSoap SE 2, & Handbrake.

Handbrake free, sexy powerful tool for so many uses... those that know about it probably have the same thoughts as a female and her favorite adult device.

Soundsoap SE 2 is my new application that I wish to bear my future children... It's an application that is primarily used to take crackles hisses and pops out of audio that comes from vinyl to digital conversions, it also works miracles as normally to do the same damn thing I would spend hours in the booth to acquire the same results.

AE i just used all standard & free plugins to clean up the film, and make it 640 x 480 (original 382 x 288)

The only thing I didn't do because this isn't a paid gig was go in and frame by frame remove the distortions that were caused by being on magnetic tape at some point in time. Maybe in the future I might have some more free time to do frame by frame correction in Photoshop, which would really just be a cool use of clone stamp.

Total project time = 23 hours (including renders)
Team size =2

  • Remix Production Company:The NikoVash Project, LLC
  • SFX & Audio Editor:Kojáck Vásqueẍz
  • Transcoder:Cisco Kidd
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