Green Prussians & Hong Kong Phooey

Hong Kong Phooey
Photo by: Arnaud-H

Sitting here in the late afternoon sipping a hong Kong Phooey, I have been thinking for some time that I really need a change of scenery. This year alone,  I’ve been all over Oregon, Seattle (WA), Thailand (various) and New York (Manhattan). I’m thinking after this next summer season I will be going to return home to Vegas to plot, plan,  and marinate on my next project.

Honestly now that budgets aren’t a real factor I have no limit on the art I can create! I finally feel confident about my art. That said, I do not wish to imply I think I’m good or better or any other such things, I’m simply happy I can afford the time to do it.  I turned thirty years old this past year and I am really just happy to be back at it, life is too short to get caught up on just small ass shit,  just get out there and get back to it.

All that said, in order to return home (Las Vegas), this is going to be a walkabout journey in and of itself. I would need to return to shape and purchase an all new wardrobe, my city is well known for being vain as fuck and equally as hard on the hiring process. I could be mad about this but I treat it the same as the news “I may have cancer, it is what it is and it’s emotionally and physically draining to try and change all that. Better to pick your battles and live happy then to fight the current for personal justice. This isn’t for everyone for sure, this is just my take on life in my aging state.

I digress I have a plan in a brief list I wish to bullet of what I plan to do over the next month:

  • Return to Esperanto Classes (This time I want to be able read, write & speak the language)
  • Finish two more piece within the next seven days
  • Return to the gym
  • Take at least, TWO, commercially viable photographs a week
  • Get my BitPremier Account working (again)

I will check back in with you folks about this on May 8th stay tuned for fun stuff, weird shit, and just living life! If you would like to get a hold of me do so, Im not shy and promise to respond to every real person that wants to converse.

Getting back to the industry of weird, this week I have found a little spot on the Oregon Coast highway 101 “Ona’s”, that serves real Absinthé and decided to make a go of a Hong Kong Phooey made of:

  • Absinthé
  • Midori
  • Cointreau
  • White Rum
  • Lime Juice
  • Lemonaide
  • Honey or Blue Agave




Welcome To The Mind Of Kojáck

Photo Credit: Cisco Kidd
Photo Credit: Cisco Kidd

The path to a normal day is anything but the normal around here. First off I am a strange character in and of itself; the phrase Kojáck. Normally my days are spent coming up with new specialty cocktails or crafting some other art-piece that may never be on display… or even better I’ll be spending the whole of my time on a project that I will never fully get paid for. These, by the way, are my favorite instances in the whole, wide, world; EVER.

I digress, who I am is mostly irrelevant; caught somewhere between a figure that people hate, or someone they cannot forget. I am an impression, more than a person anyway…  I am a digital blip on the informative archive of randomness, because that is the realm I enjoy most; bacon. This however is fine, this was planned from the Big Inning.

My name is Kojáck Vásqueẍz, I am a derivative of Esperanto or in other words I am a genderless ball of love making and sex. I have no prescribed sexuality, I have no prescribed gender, nor do I have the ambition to achieve any such statuses. What I do strive for is Absinthe, painting, observations, and pure randomness.

I grow less and less fond of crowds, and I grow more fond of something I lost a very long time ago… I love to write functionally, philosophically, and am quite fluent in gibberish.

Most of my work is acquired privately though I do make every chance to make my work available publicly.

From here on out you will get to learn, from the things I have learned. See the things I get to see… Scratch that you will probably just read this shit and laugh, either way this has got to be better for you then television.